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Our products in overview:

Exhaust gas heat exchangers

Can be used for the most varied of fuel gases such as natural gas, biogas or sewage gas, they normally serve for the heating of water, water/glycol or thermal oil in combined heat and power plants.

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Steam generators


The hot exhaust gas of CHP engines can also be used to generate steam, which is often used in industrial production processes.

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Gas coolers / Gas heaters

The process gas must first be prepared in order to protect CHP engines of biogas or sewage gas plants. This is where our gas coolers and gas heaters come into operation.

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Special applications / Additional components

Our heat exchangers can also be used for many other applications. Simply contact us and we will discuss the application possibilities of your project with you.


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Energy efficient


Gas cooling unit for biogas plant in UK

16 Aug 2016

Heat utilisation for natural gas CHP units

26 Jul 2016

Steam generator for industrial laundry

15 Jun 2016

We will exhibit at the "BHKW 2016"

Annual CHP conference in Dresden.
08 Apr 2016

Energy day 2016 - A complete success!

06 Apr 2016

Soon: Energy day 2016

We invite you to our customer conference.
10 Jan 2016

Youtube video with enkotherm EGHE

Have a look!
09 Jan 2016

Donation for organization "Kinderschicksale Mittelfranken"

06 Jan 2016

New Corporate Design

Our new means of communication
05 Jan 2016
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